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The trickbook

ImageThe category “Mr. DICE Stacking“ now includes the new TrickBook . Here you can find all the tricks for championships, competitions and even the Freestyle elements of obligation.
All in all there are 26 tricks and of course there will be more. If you have an idea of a new element of obligation just wirte an email .

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Ruleextension: Freestyle-elements of obligation
The Freestyle-regime is extended. Now the elements which are responsible for the qualifikation and the finale may vary from competition to competition. To make the qualification more exciting and even more challenging the elements of duty will be announced four weeks in advance.
All elements of duty you can find in the TrickBook under the category “Mr.DiceStacking“
Neue Wallpaper
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In der Rubrik "Mr. Download" findest Du einige neue Wallpaper für Deinen Bildschirmhintergrund.
Up-to-date: Mr Dice Stacking Newsletter
ImageYou want to know what actions of Mr. Dice Stacking will follow. You want to be informed about new products as quickly as possible. You want the details about championships and tournaments directly to your screen and will not have to sift through the WWW. You also want to be up-to-date about rule changes, expansions and new disciplines. So it only remains for me to say that there is very little work for you to do. You simply have to subscribe to my NEWSLETTER on the right side of the screen and you'll get all those information directly into your email inbox.
Dice-Cup-Lid: Close 'n' Go

ImageThe new Dice-Cup-Lid now is available in our webshop . The Dice-Cup-Lid fits the 4er Cup and the 8er Cup from Mr Dice Stacking. It allows you to keep your Stack-Dice safely inside the cup while not in use. With the Dice-Cup-Lid on the cup you can carry up to 16/32 dice in the 4er/8er Dice-Cups.

TrueBlue: Die 2009er Dice-Cups
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Den 4er- und den 8er-Dice-Cup gibt es ab sofort auch im neuen TrueBlue. Die Farbe TrueBlue gibt es allerdings nur in 2009.

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