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Mr. Dice Stacking

ImageMr Dice Stacking is a game of skill. 
With the special Mr Dice Stacking dice-shaker and the right technique, you can stack a number of dice on top of one another and then take them away again – and your hands will never touch the dice themselves!

Optimally, you should use either the specially produced Mr Dice Stacking dice or, if needs be, some ‘pre-loved’ casino dice.
ImageThe dice are placed on a surface and then collected by a cup using a special flowing movement aimed at optimising centrifugal force (again, the use of the specially designed Mr Dice-Stacking Cup is recommended here). The centrifugal force means that the dice stack themselves against the internal wall of the collecting cup.
The aim is to place this stack (or tower) of dice carefully on a surface – without the stack collapsing and dice falling everywhere.
Dice stacking has been developed into a competitive form known
as ‘Mr Dice-Stacking’ which comes complete with rules and regulations.
To help in the judging of the execution of the disciplines, the firm ‘FlashCups’ has developed a playing area known as the DiceBoard.
On the DiceBoard the specific moves are marked out. This simplifies the judging of the events as the playing field is the same for everyone competing, making it fair for all. There are three disciplines in any competition: ‘Full-Area’, ‘Speed-Area’ and ‘Freestyle’. A competitor must perform all the required moves and the stacks must successfully stand for 

The basic game is then extended by varying the ways in which you collect and assemble the dice in the stack. You can then make it harder for yourself by increasing the number of dice you are stacking.

When you want to stack more than 4 dice on top of one another, we have the right equipment for you – a shaker that holds up to 8 dice!


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